Further innovation from TAG Heuer and Super One

The final round of the ABkC Rotax and Honda Cadet National Championships, including the MSA Comer Cadet National Championship held at Shenington on 28th – 29th September saw more innovation come from the TAG Heuer and Super One partnership.

For the first time the live timing page also included a Virtual Championship showing the top 10 places which would be the ranked drivers for 2014.  As drivers overtook one another on circuit the championship standings and points totals would change, any drivers name shown in green indicated that they had gone forward and any driver shown in red had dropped down the championship table.

“The Comer Cadet final was amazing, as York, Wood and Quinn fought for position on track you could see them swapping places in the overall championship.  During the race all three drivers were heading the championship at some stage, it really couldn’t have been any closer” explained Ian Rogers, Championship Timekeeper, “we are looking to run the Virtual Championship again at the last round of the MSA, TKM & Formula KGP series on 13th October.”

Further innovation from TAG Heuer and Super One

Graham Smith, Secretary of the ABkC, comments around this latest innovation were succinct: The dynamic live championship points during the finals was stupendous”.

Another new feature was the addition of a new field on the live timing page showing how many positions a driver had gained or lost from their starting grid position.  The arrows shown in red or green also have a number beside them to quickly identify how many places a driver has gained or lost.

As always the direct link to the race circuit would ensure any warning or technical flags issued to drivers were displayed online in real time, a service we have now become accustomed to with TAG Heuer.

Further innovation from TAG Heuer and Super One
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